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We are in a new age of controlling operational risks. Achieving the operational excellence in the Industrial plant needs effective risk control and management for both safety and security. To help our customers continue their industrial operations safely and securely, Yokogawa provide comprehensive solutions and services based on defense in depth strategy. We focus on delivering long-term lifecycle services while understanding customers’ challenges and working continuously for improvements in a close partnership. Yokogawa follow one overall objective: to minimize risk and maximize corporate values according to our self-commitment as a lifecycle value partner. Yokogawa aim to become your #1 trusted partner and achieve long-term, stable, and secure operations.    

Overview: Yokogawa Security Program

OpreX Safety and Security  measures deliver comprehensive  solutions that utilize the strategy of  defense-in-depth with our safety &  security lifecycle approach. Defense-in-depth is a multi-layered protection to  enhance the cybersecurity protection  level of the whole system. If one layer  gets affected, other layers continue to  protect against the attack.

WP: The First Step in Securing your OT Environment

This whitepaper describes how companies and organizations can address the current challenges by  taking the risk-based approach to cybersecurity management.

eBook: Digital Transformation in Process Industries

This eBook aims to deconstruct digital transformation  in process industries into a clear understanding of  challenges, best practices and enablers to guide you  on your journey towards digital transformation and  autonomous operations. 

eBook: Industrial Cyber Threats 

The digital  transformation of industry and adoption of ‘open’ technology facilitates  interoperability, unlocks unprecedented insights and the flow of  information across logical boundaries. This revolution is unequivocally  a good thing, yet it has also unlocked a door that was once kept firmly shut. 


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